Something quite extraordinary can happen when a child takes to the stage
StageCoach students love to perform!

Shy children often reveal a confidence rarely seen, boisterous youngsters can amaze us with their spot-on characterisation, and it’s always a delight to see students working in harmony to give the best possible performance.
Our students love to showcase what they have learned here at Stagecoach and it’s a pleasure to be able to share this with their parents, friends and family.
At these performances you’ll see many of the kids blossom with increased confidence and self-esteem as they demonstrate their latest acting, singing and dancing skills. 
All of our students - Early Stages and Main Stages (Main School) - present two Presentations each year, one at the end of Term 3 (our Musical Theatre Presentation) and one at the end of Term 4. Our Term 3 Presentation is presented in a theatre on stage and represents the culmination of musical theatre training that we do over two terms (terms 2 and 3). Parents and families attend the Presentation at no cost and see first-hand how the students have grown in confidence and in their life skills since starting their Stagecoach journey.
Our Term 4 Presentation is an extra presentation that we put on in Australia as we have four terms per year, not three. We present the Term 4 Presentation in our usual venue space in Stagecoach uniform (or a specific colour eg red T shirts) and the idea of this presentation is to show some challenging end of year work to demonstrate how the students have built their technique training and all that they have learnt over the year in to their presentation pieces in all three disciplines of singing, drama and dance.