All of our students - Early Stages and Main Stages (Main School) - present a Demonstration of Class Work in Stagecoach uniform at the end of Term 1 each year. This enables parents and families, in general, to gain a good idea of the sorts of training we do in class. Each discipline of singing, drama and dance presents warm-ups, exercises and main pieces to their audience in a class type setting and our teachers explain the reasoning behind what we do and why we do it. Often they will ask the students to explain the reasons themselves in order to demonstrate student understanding of our technique training. Term 1 technique term is also a good start to the year to prepare the students for their musical theatre journey which starts in term 2 and goes over two terms (terms 2 and 3). Our integral life skill training is built very much in to our term 1 Demonstration of Class Work which will include areas such as team work, respect, resilience and the like. Good friendships are made at Stagecoach. We pride ourselves on integrating our new students with our long term students andpresenting solid groups of students to their parents and families within this Demonstration of Class Work setting.