Children and teens flourish while improving their singing, dancing and drama skills during our weekly Main Stages performing arts classes.

Students learn different rhythms, tempos, singing styles and vocal techniques in our singing lessons, while dancing classes feature pop, street and musical theatre routines. In acting classes, children enjoy working on role play, improvisation and performance.

Main Stages classes are designed for six to 18 year olds, with children split by age into small groups so we can give everyone the attention they deserve. No two lessons are the same as students enjoy experiencing a wide variety of performance skills and styles.

Stagecoach Perfroming Arts Schools runs for four nine-week terms per year: Term 1 is our Technique Training term and culminates in an end-of-term demonstration of classwork for family and friends. Terms 2 and 3 are our Music Theatre Training and Presentation terms, Term 3 culminating in music theatre presentations for family and friends. Term 4 further develops the skills base and ends with a presentation at the end of the year, also for family and friends.

These fun and friendly performing arts classes operate during term time, out of school hours, and run for three hours each week. Each term runs for 9 weeks.

For more information, please contact your local Stagecoach school.

A 20% discount is available for each additional sibling in Main Stages